Anita Reay Art

Artist Statement

Anita ReaySculpting clay is my passion which allows me to tap into my imagination
I am a self taught artist and have been into many forms of art since childhood and have always had the ability to draw animals and birds well. My pieces are sold in a local gallery, antique & collectable shops around Australia and worldwide via the internet. I am currently sculpting in porcelain and ceramic clay however for years I sculpted birds and animals from many mediums including air dry clay, fabric, soap and wax.

I first started using ceramic clay in 2005 and after creating a menagerie of birds and animals including owls, kookaburras, dogs and ponies I purchased my first kiln and then when I discovered my art was appealing to others I began sculpting full time. I also enjoy miniature painting, my mini paintings can be seen here

The nature of my work lies with the whimsical and the figurative. I create original sculptures so that each collector has the only 'one of its kind'. My sculptures may follow a theme but no two are ever identical.


If there are particular sculptures you would like to see more of please don't hesitate to send a message. Thank you.


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